Bike the Block

for Black Lives

BTB fam – we wanted to update you that we will NOT be organizing a protest for 10/24/2020.

We started out with one protest in mind and with your help, we have biked and raised our voices, over 36 miles, and with 900 riders this summer.

THIS Saturday is National Vote Early Day. We would love to see you get involved with Voter Drive CLE ( ) as they assist voters with transportation barriers by driving them to the Board of Elections to vote in person or to return their ballot.

We don’t know what the next iteration of BTB will look like, but as we regroup, we want to leave you with resources to connect with local orgs who are doing amazing work.

Cleveland Votes 
Black Spring CLE
Ellipsis Institute
Shooting without Bullets

Thank you for your voices, we won’t ever stop fighting.


What’s within our view

Bike the Block

We Bike for Black Lives

We are biking for a high-quality future for black lives. We bike for Breonna Taylor. We bike for George Floyd. We bike for Ahmaud Arbery. We bike for justice. We bike for freedom. We bike for black joy. We bike for black rest. We bike for black love. We bike for black lives.

The Legacy of Redlining in Cuyahoga County

The Block

The block is where we were raised. It’s where we find community and where we hang. It’s where the rose grew from the concrete when our nation systematically denied us our rights. It’s where they gentrified. It’s where we bike and where we reclaim the beauty and dignity of our lives.