Saturday Sep 12th

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Pass this around to your friends, because

The Bikers Will Run Deep

Bike the Block

5 Supporters Needed

It’s gonna be hot. Will you supply us with at least 3 packs of 24 cold water bottles?

Bike the Block

5 Large Snack Packs Needed

We are prepared to ride without, but a snack for the road would be super helpful. We will accept peanut-free, gluten-free, and healthy snack options.

Bike the Block

5 Bike Patch Kits Needed

We want to be prepared for any mishaps. Packs of 2+ only, please.

Bike the Block

4 Air Pumps Needed

Again, we want to be prepared for any mishaps.

Bike the Block

2 Spare Tubes Needed

We hope we won’t need this, but we want to be prepared.

Bike the Block

5 Medics Needed

This goes back to wanting to be prepared for any mishaps. If you are an RN or have a medical background, we need you.

Bike the Block

10 Bike Escorts Needed

We aren’t taking any chances. Will you help us keep the group together? We need bike escorts in the front, middle, and back.

Bike the Block

♾ Supporters Needed

Email us to find out how you can donate your time or money.

Reach out to us if you’re ready to show allyship.